Ever seen a vehicle with a few dents and scratches? Have you seen a vehicle in such rough condition that you were wondering how it was even still driving down the road? So have we.

In the motor city, we have our fair share of busted vehicles everywhere you turn. View our collection of busted, rusty, and broken down rides.

Have a busted ride you wish to feature on our site? Send us your picture, a description and how you’d like credit.

OYUMMY - Busted by Busted Ride


Personalized Washington Mercury Cougar Vanity Plate Idea inspired by being delicious: OYUMMY Oyummy we found a vanity license plate and busted ride combo! It’s actually…Read more

PAIDFO - Busted by Busted Ride


Personalized Ford Windstar Vanity License Plate Idea inspired by financial freedom: PAIDFO I’ve gotten some snide comments about posting pictures of both vanity plates and…Read more