We are documenting the sorry condition of automobiles, often cheaply and safely repairable. It’s a side effect of The Great Recession, the great “Cash for Clunkers” program.

The age of vehicles on the road in the USA has steadily climbed to average ages over 12 years old. In the Pandemic era, consumers face no choice but to take on monthly payments that would in many cases reach 84 months (7 years+) in which often the vehicle could already be beyond its residual values. As vehicles also built during the pandemic and post pandemic era have increased in their MSRP so have their theoretical resale. Further blocking out more consumers from driving higher quality vehicles they would prefer. The average price of used vehicles is also at all time highs in the 2021-2023 period.

When we get our hands on a car to repair we try to make how too tutorials for readers at home to follow along, and make it easy to find where to acquire the tools and repair parts.

We’re also interested in the Vanity of drivers and what their vehicles reflect about it.

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