Ever seen a vehicle with a few dents and scratches? Have you seen a vehicle in such rough condition that you were wondering how it was even still driving down the road? So have we.

In the motor city, we have our fair share of busted vehicles everywhere you turn. View our collection of busted, rusty, and broken down rides.

Have a busted ride you wish to feature on our site? Send us your picture, a description and how you’d like credit.

Cadillac Escalade - Busted by Busted Ride

Cadillac Escalade

This is generally not a sight that you often see of Cadillac’s that are only a few years old. However, this Escalade is busted.

Mustang Bucked By Tornado - Busted by Busted Ride

Mustang Bucked By Tornado

This stallion was supposedly tossed about in the recent Moore, Oklahoma twister. It looks like a newer generation Mustang possibly a 2012 vintage. This guy’s mustang…Read more

Mercury Cougar - Busted by Busted Ride

Mercury Cougar

This late model Mercury Cougar was duct taped back together. Surprisingly Cougar parts are pretty hard to come by so we’ll give this repair some…Read more

Lincoln Town Car - Busted by Busted Ride

Lincoln Town Car

It’s really a shame to think that such a once high marquee brand car could fall into such disrepair.

Jump Start - Busted by Busted Ride

Jump Start

So jump-starting a car can be dangerous as evidenced by this picture of what appears to be a completely destroyed Jeep Patriot, and a well…Read more

Saab 9-3 - Busted by Busted Ride

Saab 9-3

So a favorite joke back in the parts business on any phone call from a devoted Saab driver was that their search for their parts…Read more

Saturn SC1 - Busted by Busted Ride

Saturn SC1

The picture isn’t of the greatest quality in the world, but well neither was the car. Someone rear ended this poor little worker bee of…Read more

Nineties F-150 - Busted by Busted Ride

Nineties F-150

The 1990’s have come and gone. With them are this F-150’s better days. Maybe one day this truck will get some of the most thankless…Read more

Durango - Busted by Busted Ride


This Durango needs some help.  But outside of the hideous blue tape it probably would look much better with a new fender and a headlight. …Read more

Silverado - Busted by Busted Ride


So we’ve been slacking on busted rides, it is pretty weird that vanity plates are easier to come across. This poor soul needs a new…Read more

VW Golf - Busted by Busted Ride

VW Golf

Typically many of the VW’s we see floating around on Busted Ride aren’t actually busted. This Golf however has been taped back together.

Old F150 - Busted by Busted Ride

Old F150

It is very difficult to keep any vehicle on the road in Michigan without acquiring some rust along the way. This truck also acquired a…Read more

GMC Van - Busted by Busted Ride


Not only did this van take some sort of hit, if you look closely you can see it actually doesn’t have an engine. Oh Seattle,…Read more