Luxury Car Vanity License Plates

We have pictures of your favorite luxury car brands wearing vanity license plates, such as Audi vanity license plates, Cadillac vanity license plates, Rolls Royce vanity license plates, Acura vanity license plates, Lincoln vanity license plates, and of course the beloved Lexus vanity license plates.

01 TL - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride

01 TL

We believe with our entire body that Acura makes the most boring “luxury vehicles” which also have boring naming conventions like Acura TL. The only…Read more

SERIOUS - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


We finally posted a vanity license plate that was spelled correctly without using numbers to get the word completed? Serious? Yes.

USCGaux - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


Our best guess to the translation of todays Cadillac Deville vanity license plate would be appear to be US Coast Guard Auxiliary

T1G3R - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


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