Ever seen a vehicle with a few dents and scratches? Have you seen a vehicle in such rough condition that you were wondering how it was even still driving down the road? So have we.

In the motor city, we have our fair share of busted vehicles everywhere you turn. View our collection of busted, rusty, and broken down rides.

Have a busted ride you wish to feature on our site? Send us your picture, a description and how you’d like credit.

Busted F-150 - Busted by Busted Ride

Busted F-150

This is another example of a well used Ford F-150 work truck.  It has what appears to be at body panels from at least 3…Read more

Busted Ride GMC Jimmy - Busted by Busted Ride

Busted Ride GMC Jimmy

Here is a repaired busted old GMC Jimmy. Someone replaced the passenger door, and didn’t bother so much with painting, or repairing the quarter panel.

GMC Envoy - Busted by Busted Ride

GMC Envoy

Here is a busted GMC Envoy that is likely “finished” it has a replaced door from a salvaged car, and a few aftermarket black primed…Read more

Jeep Patriot - Busted by Busted Ride

Jeep Patriot

This 2007ish vintage Jeep Patriot is well used.  Sporting bald looking tires, and a very busted bumper cover she’s still running.  Yea, it’s a Jeep…Read more

VW Passat - Busted by Busted Ride

VW Passat

Generally, Volkswagen drivers seem to repair their cars. This Passat driver didn’t take the typical German pride in their busted ride. This deck lid was…Read more

Toyota minivan - Busted by Busted Ride

Toyota minivan

I almost cared to look up the model of this Toyota minivan, but then I realized it was both uninspiring and a Toyota. The van…Read more

Acura - Busted by Busted Ride


Oh this poor “luxury” vehicle has surely seen better days.

Ford Explorer - Busted by Busted Ride

Ford Explorer

This Busted Ford Explorer rear window trim isn’t as much busted as it is a little lesson.  For whatever reason designers of this particular year…Read more

Ford Fusion - Busted by Busted Ride

Ford Fusion

Having some inside knowledge as to how expensive it can be to fix a late model Ford it’s somewhat surprising to see this bumper, generally,…Read more