Personalized Tesla Model Y Vanity License Plate Idea possibly inspired by Aryan Nations Network: ANN88

This is a difficult vanity plate to post for us because it’s either pretty vile, or rather innocent. Obviously we didn’t speak to the driver, so we can’t be certain. So we’ll discuss the hopeful nice scenario first.

It very well could be a driver/owner Named Ann, who happens to have born in say the year 1988, or had a lucky number of 88, or maybe even believes 8 is lucky, and two 8s is luckier still.

(Please note, we in no way condone, endorse, or otherwise support the scenario below. If it does pan out to be correct, we fully support its removal from Michigan registration).


However that’s were you start to say hey, wait a minute…all those white Nationalist types are also big big fans of the number 88 why is that anyway?

Well if you didn’t already know, It’s because it’s just really bad “code” that code being the number 8 is the letter H in the alphabet. So repeating that twice is 8-8. Oh well that seems innocent enough…until you realize it’s significance is because of the H-H being further abbreviated from Heil Hitler. Okay you are thinking but surely a driver named ANN wouldn’t be giving the Nazi solute in a Tesla.

Wait for it.

What we are saying is the driver possibly isn’t a person named Ann. But highlighting their support for and potentially membership of the Aryan Nations Network, or in this personalized Michigan vanity plate’s case ANN 👀.

According to the web search results, there have been some cases of government or law enforcement members being associated with the Aryan Nations Network or similar white supremacist groups. For example:

  • In 2020, more than 60 Aryan Brotherhood gang members and associates were arrested for various crimes, including some who were former or current law enforcement officers¹.
  • In 2017, a former police officer in Oklahoma was sentenced to 40 years in prison for running a white supremacist drug ring and planning to bomb a local synagogue².
  • In 2006, a former FBI agent and a former state trooper in Pennsylvania were convicted of selling confidential information to the Aryan Nations³.

These are just some of the examples that show the infiltration and influence of the Aryan Nations Network and other hate groups in government and law enforcement. These groups pose a serious threat to public safety and civil rights, and need to be exposed and countered by vigilant and responsible authorities and citizens.

It isn’t so wild to think that this personalized vanity plate “slipped by” the censors at Michigan Secretary of State with the dual meaning. It lines up too well to be a simple coincidence.

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