MI Vanity License Plates

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TUTU6 - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


TUTU6 doesn’t seem like a overly original vanity license plate, it does make us think that the wearers of TUTU’s are pretty proud of them,…Read more

GOD LVE - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


We see that GOD LVE is probably GOD Love but the properly spelled Love version of this vanity license plate is already taken.

HI55 - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


Who doesn’t love a good Ford Mustang vanity license plate? We are certain that this one translates to HISS, like a snake. For those of…Read more

TMAD 1 - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


So Teryaki Madness got a Buick Rendezvous the ashamedly bad cousin of the horrible Pontiac Aztec wrapped, and then got a vanity license plate TMAD…Read more

USCGaux - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


Our best guess to the translation of todays Cadillac Deville vanity license plate would be appear to be US Coast Guard Auxiliary