Personalized Lincoln Vanity license plate idea inspired by being a Diva: DIVVA

We’re wondering how much of a scene was made when this Lincoln was carted off?

Curiously this isn’t our first Lincoln to sport a Diva themed vanity plate.


A “diva” is a term that originated in the world of opera to describe a celebrated female opera singer, typically one with a powerful and impressive vocal range. Over time, the term has evolved and taken on broader cultural meanings, often referring to a person, usually a woman, who is highly talented, confident, and demanding in their behavior and demeanor. Here are a few aspects that capture the essence of what a diva is:

  1. Talent and Skill: Divas are often recognized for their exceptional talent and skill in their respective fields, whether it’s singing, acting, dancing, or any other performance art. Their abilities usually stand out as extraordinary and captivating.
  2. Confidence: Divas exude a strong sense of self-assuredness and self-confidence. They are not afraid to showcase their talents and often have an air of certainty about their abilities.
  3. Charisma and Presence: Divas tend to have a commanding presence that draws attention when they enter a room or step onto a stage. Their charisma and stage presence contribute to their allure.
  4. Demanding Standards: The term “diva” can sometimes carry a negative connotation related to demanding behavior. Divas may have high standards for themselves and those they work with, which can lead to them being particular about details and arrangements.
  5. Artistic Expression: Divas are known for their ability to express their emotions and convey powerful messages through their performances. They have a knack for bringing raw emotions to their art, which resonates with their audiences.
  6. Elegance and Glamour: Divas often embrace an image of elegance and glamour. They are associated with stylish attire, sophisticated demeanor, and a sense of sophistication.
  7. Cultural Impact: In popular culture, the term “diva” has been used to describe iconic female figures who have had a significant impact on music, entertainment, and society as a whole. These individuals are often admired and looked up to by fans for their achievements and contributions.

It’s important to note that while the term “diva” can have positive connotations related to talent and achievement, it can also sometimes be used to refer to individuals who exhibit challenging or entitled behavior. This can vary depending on context and perception.

In recent times, the term “diva” has also been reclaimed and embraced by some individuals as a way to celebrate their own empowerment and self-expression. It’s a term that encapsulates a range of qualities, both positive and potentially negative, but is generally associated with exceptional talent and a strong presence in the world of entertainment and the arts.

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