Personalized Lincoln Vanity license plate idea inspired by Michigan craft beer: IPADIVA

Now this is a vanity plate we can get behind, however it does seem risky since it is a reference to drinking some high quality craft beer, using Michigan grown hops.

Michigan actually has a few hops farms, in addition to our world class microbreweries, and brewpubs.

If you like vanity plates, and good beer, we advise you to make a trip to Bell’s Brewery for what must be the Vanity Plate capital of the state of Michigan.

This Michigan Tech University vanity plate likely has little to do with sports like many spotted for Michigan State and University of Michigan. Knowing a little bit of history, leads one to believe that this in fact could be a microbrewer.

Michigan is one of the top 10 states for microbrewers in the nation. Grand Rapids is Beer City of 2013.

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