Personalized BMW vanity license plate idea inspired by Hindu God: SIVA

Today this BMW registered in Michigan has a vanity license plate of SIVA might be a reference to the god SIVA (also spelled “Shiva”) is a major deity in Hinduism.

Shiva is often referred to as the “destroyer” or “transformer” within the Hindu pantheon, as he is associated with destruction and creation. Shiva is also associated with various aspects of Hindu culture and tradition, including meditation, yoga, and martial arts. Shiva is often depicted in art and literature as having a third eye, which symbolizes wisdom and insight. In Hindu mythology, Shiva is believed to have many different forms and aspects, and is one of the most revered and widely worshiped deities in the Hindu religion.

“SIVA” is a name that has significance in several cultures and traditions. In Hinduism, Shiva is a major deity associated with destruction and transformation. In Buddhism, Siva is a term used to describe a meditative state of consciousness. It’s possible that the owner of the vanity plate chose “SIVA” as a way of expressing their interest or connection to these traditions.

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