Personalized Mercedes-Benz vanity license plate idea: SHMS

We’re pretty sure that this Mercedes-Benz is sporting a personalized Michigan vanity plate for a local private school, which when you realize what they teach is just irony.

As most of us know most people of the cloth as they say are sworn to service and not riches. See SHMS is the acronym for Sacred Heart Major Seminar School in Detroit, Michigan. Where theoretically you go to learn about religious studies well enough to be a teacher of it as a Roman Catholic Priest.

Apparently that isn’t the case with this Mercedes-Benz, which for 2022 has an MSRP of $62,750, and probably a slew of dealer charges so in all reality this is every bit a $70,000 vehicle for someone attached to the seminar school. At least buy a Cadillac and support your hometown for the love of God.

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