Personalized Jeep Patriot vanity license plate idea inspired by selling sex toys, and Banging: BANG1N

Michigan vanity plates are quite timid in comparison to the shocking Maine vanity plates after their courts ruled in favor of freedom of speech and the state stopped censoring vanity plates.

We’ve seen some Sexy related personalized Michigan vanity plates which somehow passed sensors, but none quite as obvious as BANG1N, and no we don’t think they are playing “bangers”, or having bangers and mash. They mean the sex. We know this because they are proudly selling a line of sex toys and leave you you contact information, which I guess if you need we can hook you up.

Our PSA for any other Jeep Patriot owners, Take note you’ll probably need to replace your Electronic Throttle Body soon enough as well, and good news we have some tips on how to do it.

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