Personalized Chevrolet Truck vanity license plate idea inspired by mash up names: RICK UP

Who in American doesn’t love a good ol’ RICK UP? In the last couple of years the sales of RICK UP’s have overtaken that of passenger vehicles. Those in Europe just wouldn’t understand. RICK UP’s are better on the horrible quality roads that we are forced to drive on since our politicians are too busy bailing out companies, and enriching themselves to bother with having the roads maintained, and replaced on schedule.

One of the only things more interesting than RICK UP’s is sporting yours with your very own vanity license plates.

We have to point out that this a relatively rare sight these days as most Truck manufacturers have completely stopped bothering to make the “flair side”, or “step side” that this classic Chevrolet Truck, er sorry RICK UP has for its sheet metal bed.

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