Well most likely this 4LFREDO is just simply using the 4 as an A, and essentially telling us ALFREDO.Alfredo certainly can be a name, but we favor it for a nice rich pasta sauce.

However we’d like to think that this Jeep Compass is for Fredo, like the epic movie The Godfather.

The last movie as all theater buffs can agree was a giant let down.

Get on board for the most prized Jeep accessory of them all the personalized vanity license plate; you’ve come to the right place.

More Jeep vanity license plate ideas than you can crawl over on your favorite off road trail. We have found over 200 unique personalized Jeep vanity plates in the wild, so go on get moving, here are all of the Jeep vanity license plates to mine for clever ideas of your own, think Patriot, Compass, Cherokee and the classic Jeeps, or simply (exclusively) Jeep Wrangler, or Jeep Grand Cherokee vanity license plates.