Personalized Jeep vanity license plate idea inspired by a name: WIL5ON

We found a otherwise normal vanity license plate on one of our personal favorite body style Jeeps, the Commander. While this vanity license plate WIL5ON is spelled wrong, we know that it is Wilson, and when we think of Wilson, we can’t help but scream it in our heads in Tom Hanks voice.

Just like in Castaway screaming WILSON!!!!!!! when he loses his friend. If you are a huge fan of the movie, or know someone who is you can still buy the Wilson  Castaway Volleyballs.

Seriously rewatch the movie again. Or add it to your collection.

If you have decluttered your life from physical media, Amazon Prime Video is a great way to stream this movie, or add on additional channels like HBO.

Bonus, busted taillight.

One could purchase a replacement aftermarket taillight for this Jeep Commander for about $40 and this beautiful machine would be in tip top condition again. Bonus is they look like they are supposed to be matching the original factory style. Not some crazy mis-matched lights. If you are concerned about a mismatch buy the pair.

Or in the event you have two broken taillights you can get a two pack of drivers side and passenger side rear taillights for about $80. If you are concerned your lights won’t be a perfect match you can buy a matched pair.

License Plate Protector

Another nice option is this license plate shield on this Jeep Commander.

A license plate shield is the number one way to make it difficult to capture your license plate on camera. We say difficult because it is still possible.

The most important reason one would want a shield is actually to protect your license plate, in the rust belt of the United States most road programs use salt to keep the roads from icing in the winter. This road salt tends to rust and corrode many license plate, the fasteners used to mount the plates, and then this rust and oxidation can and will spread to your vehicle.

In Michigan if your plate is not legible because it is too rusted this can get you a ticket, more importantly obligates you place this license plate before its end of life which is generally 10 years and typically $50 in addition to your typical annual vehicle registration fees, or you can get a vehicle license plate shield to protect your vehicle, and license plate (vanity license plate or not).

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