Personalized Dodge Charger inspired by Tom Hanks Movie Forest Gump vanity license plate idea: JENAAY

Well Tom Hanks has been able to give inspiration to at least three vanity license plates as far as we can tell. However this Michigan registered JENAAY vanity license plate as in Jenny from the movie Forest Gump is pretty stellar. For those who haven’t seen Forest Gump it was one of the highest grossing movies in Hollywood history, even though as urban legend has it, has never been profitable thanks to archaic Hollywood accounting methods. If we keep finding Tom Hanks movie inspired vanity license plates out in the wild we may have to make an entire Tom Hanks category.

Jenny was the most flawed character who flared up from time to time in Forests life.

Jenny did have one of the most memorable and quotable lines in movie history.

As we promised JENAAY!

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