Ford Expedition digital vanity plate that is bespoke: BSPOKE

Thanks to one of our fans Donna for sending this new and rare digital license plate in, which is also a vanity plate that says BSPOKE. This vanity plate is much more fitting on a Navigator, or Rolls Royce with its $500+ price tag for the digital plate alone, plus, personalized plate fee, and registration fees.

Bespoke is an adjective that means custom-made or made to order. It can also refer to a person who makes such clothes or products like automobiles. Bespoke originated from the verb bespeak, which means to order or arrange in advance.

A bespoke automobile is a car that is tailored to the specific preferences and needs of a customer. It may involve choosing the color, trim, upholstery, engine, and other features of the car. Some examples of bespoke car makers are Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, Hennessey Performance Engineering, and Hispano Suiza. These companies offer designs, performance, and quality that are on par with some of the most elite automotive brands in the world.

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