Personalized Ford Escape vanity license plate idea: LM NOT

We’re not totally confident in what this personalized vanity plate is trying to tell us, it could be simply abbreviated “Love (L) Me (M) NOT”

“Love me not” is a phrase that is often associated with the game of picking petals off a flower, such as a daisy, and reciting “he loves me, he loves me not” with each petal to determine whether someone’s love interest has feelings for them or not. The phrase “love me not” itself can be interpreted as a rejection or a lack of affection, and it is often used to express feelings of disappointment or heartbreak in romantic relationships. It can also be used more broadly to refer to situations where someone feels unwanted or unappreciated.

Or maybe it’s actually sort of French, but also not really French.

“L’am not”: The owner may be indicating that they are not a French speaker or that they do not identify with French culture.

L’am not in French would pretty directly translate to be “The am not” now if this is paired with the “Escape” it could be a clever vanity plate idea meaning something along the lines as the vehicle is not an Escape metaphorically speaking.

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