HIGHLY unusual vanity license plate post


Personalized Dodge Caravan vanity license plate idea: HIGHLY

Today is our HIGHLY unusual vanity license plate post, one that the local news WXYZ captured as a result of an interview because of a neighborhood which was shot up by a bunch of hooligans. The victim of the random neighborhood shooting, now needs to pay to have their family mini van repaired. It’s extremely lucky that the family, and no others in this Detroit neighborhood were inured or killed in this senseless act of violence.

It’s extremely annoying at best, and extremely disheartening that since the 2020 pandemic shutdowns the sanity of drivers in Metro Detroit has gone out of the window.

We’ve been tracking no less than 1 freeway shooting per month since 2020. In our Twitter thread.

One day we’ll create a proper expanded post on this topic when we have free time. Either way, Detroit and metro Detroit has a gun violence problem.

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