Personalized BMW vanity license plate idea inspired by defined: DEFINED

There is no question that the BMW i8 is a Striking car.

This BMW i8 with a Michigan vanity plate that says “DEFINED” is likely owned by someone who takes pride in their cutting-edge, high-performance sports car. The BMW i8 is known for its sleek and futuristic design, advanced technology, and impressive performance. By putting “DEFINED” on the license plate, the owner is suggesting that their car defines style, innovation, and performance. This license plate is a subtle way for the owner to show off their taste and their love for their decidedly unsubtle BMW i8. Check out more facts over at wikipedia on this class act of a car.

Any way you slice it however this is a pretty rare bird of a vehicle in that for its short run only 6,776 units ever shipped to USA. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing maybe 3 or 4 of them on the roads in Michigan, and this is our first one that was also sporting deserving vanity license plate tags.

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