Personalized Scion vanity license plate idea inspired by whales: B3ATB0X

Much to the Toyota marketing team’s dismay the creation of Scion brand out of thin air to was supposed to cater to younger “hipper buyers”. Only to actually see middle aged men buy the vehicles, not the 20 year olds they expected. But that’s because in the middle 2000’s most 20 year olds couldn’t afford anything thanks to the Great Recession.

Scion ironically had a bunch of music tie ins for their marketing of the brand. So Beat Box as this vanity plate translates too, is “on brand” and somewhat clever if you know the history of the mark.

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Scion was a created by Toyota for younger buyers, who often opted for personalized Scion vanity plates. One of the top two brands in the world is Toyota and their drivers love vanity plates, just like flashier brands. Check out our collection of Toyota FJ Cruisers, Prius, Corolla vanity plate ideas. Or if you just want to check out personalized mom vanity plate or dad vanity plates ideas we have the best collection of those too.