Personalized 1974 De Tomaso Pantera vanity license plate idea inspired by the purrrrr of a Panther: PRRRRRR

This interesting example of a 1974 De Tomaso Pantera had a very on brand Michigan vanity plate PRRRRRR. Much like the pur of the big cat i.e Panther (pantera effectively translates from Italian to Panther), which also makes this a clever as all heck vanity plate idea.  This particular 1974 Pantera also has an original 351 Ford Cleveland engine which was claimed to be about 34,000 miles.

We certainly have not seen many De Tomaso’s floating around, so this was a surprise to us when we stumbled upon it. To give a sense for the relative rarity of such a car from the period of time the Ford Motor Company controlled De Tomaso up through 1972 to 1975 about 5,500 of these Pantera’s made it to the United States and sold through Ford/Lincoln dealers.

Through the entire production run only about 7,000 Pantera’s were ever produced.

Even more interesting it was at the time of spotting for sale for the low price of $68,000.

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