Personalized Ford F-350 Truck vanity license plate idea inspired by laughing about gasoline: GAS HA

Oh yes the good days of cheap gasoline appear to be firmly behind us. This Ford F-350 Superduty driver is already numb to the expensive fill ups. With Michigan prices closing in at time of writing of $6 per gallon, and with a very conservative tank size of 25 gallons, this driver routinely is dropping dead presidents all over town with likely full tank status rolling over into $150 territory.

Worse still as any Superduty driver will tell you almost gleefully, Superduty’s do not have an EPA fuel economy rating because they are “too big”. So while a smaller F-150 variant of years past (pre-Ecoboost days) might be happy to get 18 MPG in the city, without towing anything, these Superduty trucks often get a lot less than that in real world driving.

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