Personalized Lexus vanity license plate idea inspired by a name: NP RWY

There is an old somewhat crude joke that does apply to the plate of the day here:

Q: What do electric trains and breasts have in common?

A: They’re intended for children, but it’s the men who usually end up playing with them.

Well we found ourselves a train enthusiast who landed the Michigan vanity plate NP RWY, and that translates to be Northern Pacific Railway. America has always had some of the strangest fascination with railroads in that it unified the country, then with advent of the modern automobile frequently disbanded and turned into rails to trails type projects for people to ride bicycles, walk, and jog on.

We were unaware that the baked potato owes its history to the Northern Pacific Railway for taking “unmarketable” large 2 to 5 lb potato’s and turning them into baked potato’s.   This was done on “The Route of the Great Big Baked Potato“.

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