Personalized GMC Canyon Truck vanity license plate idea: R4D4M

Usually when you see something like this the 4’s are to be considered as A’s. So RADAM would be the literal translation for this personalized Michigan vanity plate.

Apparently it is used in the Bible, and the definition of Radam is:

  1. (Niphal) to be asleep, be unconscious, be in heavy sleep, fall into heavy sleep, be fast asleep

It could also be a mathematical or computer programing description:

Rectified Adam, or RAdam, is a variant of the Adam stochastic optimizer that introduces a term to rectify the variance of the adaptive learning rate. It seeks to tackle the bad convergence problem suffered by Adam.

Now if we were to be judgemental about the American flag deer silhouettes on the GMC Canyon in question we’d take a stab that the driver’s intention was probably the Bible reference to gain their vanity plate. We arrive at this conclusion because the stereotype of computer programmer types driving hybrids, and electric vehicles exists for a reason.

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