Personalized Porsche vanity license plate idea inspired by driving German and driving Porsche GT4: MEINGT4

At first we for sure thought this vanity plate was a breath of fresh air for our loyal Porsche fans, who are frankly tired of bloated Cayenne’s and Macan SUV’s and not the purebred sports cars of Porsche they dreamed about as little boys. Well we’ve delivered to you a GT4. So you can now stop whining. German’s are big fans of some unique double meanings with how their language can sometimes reveal a double meaning in English.

This might be one of those plate examples. MEIN is German for essentially “my”, GT4 is the type of Porsche being driven. So it really means “My GT4”

However in English it could also essentially exactly mean “Me in GT4” which is technically correct as well.

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