Personalized Tesla Vanity License Plate Idea: FALCOR

We fully expect to see most Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers professing on their personalized vanity plates their no longer needing gasoline, or outright hatred of gasoline. Many other EV drivers center their personalized vanity plate ideas around fun electrical measurement or terminology puns, or other geeky high technology related topics. This Tesla Model X driver appears to have either picked their personalized Michigan registered vanity plate FALCOR in the spirit of NVIDIA’s Falcor product, or potentially an alternative spelling of Falkor the dragon from the movie Neverending Story. The normal spelling would be Falkor for those of you keeping track.

Longer odds are that it could be a sort of alternate mashup of Elon Musk channeling SpaceX’s Falcon rocket, and well the personalized Michigan Vanity plate FALCOR was born.

Serious question for all of the Tesla heads out there. Are you required to get a vanity license plate if you drive a Model X that is in the color White? Come to think of it, we haven’t even spotted a non-white colored Model X that we can think of.

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