Personalized Tesla Vanity License Plate Idea inspired by fart joke engagement proposals : MOONRNG

Our very first assumption is that this Tesla driver was pointing out some scientific space event or something high brow. It turns out that as their license plate frame proudly declares which directs you to a box that farts when you open it, and half naked body exposing their moon. So frankly not what we were expecting. We’d be pretty shocked if this driver also does not have the fart mode activated in their Tesla.

So the brave driver of this Tesla Model S has a strong love for we assume Dick, but we know fart jokes.

So yes if you got a good chuckle out of The Moon Ring, do us all a favor and buy it, spread those fart jokes.

the moon ring

Also just because this gag gift was on the TV show the Bachelor we’re going to call this a TV Show vanity plate idea.

Oh and yes, you didn’t think or know that Tesla Fart mode was a real thing?

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