Personalized Infiniti vanity license plate idea inspired by Jimmy Buffet: FNZ2LFT

Jimmy Buffett boomer fans just have ridiculous wealth to burn.  Parrot heads are everywhere, and seem to have endless money to spend on cheeseburgers, margaritas, and luxury SUV’s like this Infiniti. Somehow Jimmy Buffett’s personal wealth took off with his cult classic Margaritaville.

FNZ2LFT we believe Translates to Fins to the Left, which is a lyric from a Jimmy Buffett song titled Fins:

Jimmy Buffett – Songs You Know By Heart
Can’t you feel them circling, honey?
Can’t you feel them swimming around?
You got finstotheleft, finstothe right
And you’re the only bait in town
Oh-oh-woah, oh-oh-woah
You got finstotheleft, finstothe right
And you’re the only girl in town.

Source: MetroLyrics
Other Parrot head vanity plates we’ve found include PRTHEAD, PAR8GRL.

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