This Michigan personalized EMDEMIC vanity license plate is not what it appears to be at first glance. At first we thought it was Endemic, it is not, it is EMDEMIC. Being ENDEMIC is typically defined as being native to a single defined geographic location. We think that this EMDEMIC plate is a clever name mash up into endemic or pandemic with say the possible driver’s name or nick name for this exercise Emily or Em? Mashed up we get Em-Demic. If this driver’s name is actually Emily or EM, we’d be hat tipping the clever vanity license plate.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee can be Endemic to the metro Detroit area as they are made in the region, and often the lucky employees of Stellantis get corporate incentives to buy these vehicles.

They also derive much utility navigating the poor quality roads, and snow in the Michigan winters.

Get on board for the most prized Jeep accessory of them all the personalized vanity license plate; you’ve come to the right place.

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