Personalized Ford F-250 Superduty Truck vanity license plate idea inspired by raptors: RAPTOR1

The Michigan registered personalized RAPTOR1 vanity license plate is a bit off to us. This guy in a Ford F-250 is either straight up trolling anyone in a Ford F-150 Raptor, or recently upgraded from a Raptor judging by how how new their F-250 Super Duty appears to be. We suppose that there is a scenario that this RAPTOR1 vanity license plate is also still aspirational for putting onto a new Ford Raptor F-150 one day. Maybe their day job of hauling toolboxes, and trailers got in the way of jumping dirt mounds over small creeks.

We know for certain it would be trolling if we found it on Jeep of any sort, which is our leading brand of personalized vanity plates we’ve found in the wild.

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