Personalized Ford vanity license plate idea inspired by being a Mom: MOMMD

So this giant Ford Econoline-150 van was spotted sporting personalized Michigan vanity license plate MOMMD. We translate this to be approximately Mom Medical Doctor.

While this driver surely could be an honest to god medical doctor, we suspect it is a bit more tongue in cheek humorous outlook on how as a mother you are your children first doctor, and pharmacist at that. On the other hand if this mom helped her children go to the host of universities as evidenced by the bumper stickers for University of Michigan, Oakland University, Grand Valley State University, etc. then the money typically spent a on treat yourself type of luxury vehicle that doctors are often spotted driving went to pay for various university tuition payments. Even if there was not a direct tuition payment, simply raising a brood of children that have attended these universities was no small feat. So Congratulations to you MOMMD.

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