Personalized Ford Escape vanity license plate idea inspired by cows and: MOOVIT

This is a clever way to tie in cows to a personalized Ford Escape vanity license plate. As evidenced by many cow related bumper stickers, this driver made a MOO sound like a cow, and wants you to get mooving.

The only surprising thing about this vanity license plate was that we did not find it in dairy country. Or on a Wisconsin registered vehicle, but one in Michigan. We know there are some dairy farms in the state of Michigan, but it is not what the state farmers are known for. Michigan is home to top crops like asparagus and cherries.

Much less surprising is that it was hanging on the humble Ford Escape. Sure it is no F-150, or Ford Bronco or Bronco Sport the Ford Escape has one of the highest incidents of us being able to find them with vanity license plates on them.

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