We found our Michigan registered vanity license plate NENN02 on a Jeep Commander, which we still think was a great name, and overall model, which has stood up well in the test of time now that most of these are over 10 years old. Jeep will be dropping in a couple of new models sure to draw attention of vanity plate lovers one of which is the Jeep Grand Wagoneer which will be in the $100,000 cost territory, a real land yacht for you certain.

More Jeep vanity license plate ideas than you can crawl over on your favorite off road trail. We have found over 200 unique personalized Jeep vanity plates in the wild, so go on get moving, here are all of the Jeep vanity license plates to mine for clever ideas of your own, think Patriot, Compass, Cherokee and the classic Jeeps, or simply (exclusively) Jeep Wrangler, or Jeep Grand Cherokee vanity license plates.