Personalized Honda Pilot Michigan Vanity License Plate Idea for a realtor :BST OFR

In almost every circumstance when you have a higher end vehicle, and it has a sales related personalized vanity license plate it is being driven by a Real Estate Agent or Realtor, check out our collection of these special people’s vanity license plates. So for those of you not educated as to what BST OFR could translate too, well here it is, Best Offer. So you better slap that check book down, and whip up a security deposit on this real estate or the next best offer is going to take it from you.

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Realtors or real estate dealers/agents are some of the most vain automotive drivers around. They are the perfect example of fake it to make it, often driving vehicles they can’t afford to show off the impression of success. Check out our other arrogant real estate agent vanity license plates we’ve captured.