Personalized Audi vanity license plate idea inspired by diesel-gate scandal: DSLGATE

So what is DSLGATE? We translate this to be the now infamous Volkswagen Diesel Gate engineering scam of which Volkswagen engineers spend resources on what is referred to as a “defeat device” which means a device or program that will work around emissions testing standards globally.

Volkswagen did this by acknowledging that emissions tests are often done in a laboratory where the vehicle in question is set in place in a dynamometer.

Netflix’s Dirty Money has a fantastic episode related to this scandal, and how far reaching it was in the executive management ranks of Volkswagen.

This Audi Q5 (which is a Volkswagen Brand) has a TDI tag which means it is a turbo diesel motor. Check out our other Diesel engine vanity license plates.

To make up for its wrong doing Volkswagen started Electrify America which is a wholly owned subsidiary and a for profit endeavor.


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