ROOAACH Burning Man Busted Ride


Weird car spotted ROOAACH Burning Man Busted Ride

We spotted this last year roaming, (scurrying?), and utterly confusing everyone with a pair of eyes in of all places downtown Detroit. At one point it was getting a police escort as it made laps up and down the busy Woodward Avenue attention pouring over the inhabitants of the vehicle. What is the vehicle? Well who knows what it started life as (we think Honda Civic judging by the front headlights), it looks like Mad Max was looking for actor and vehicle casting.

burning man car vanity license plates

We sort of heard from one of the occupants that this was either taken to Burning Man, or it will find its way there. So in the run up to Burning Man (which oddly doesn’t appear to be cancelled) we’ve posted this incredible sight to behold. Call us old, maybe practical, but that’s about 33 hours and 2334 or so miles of driving in this heap that we’d rather avoid.

burning man car vanity license plates

Appears to have a grill as the front bumper.

burning man car vanity license plates

Yes that giant speaker was 100% functioning and blasting the Tootsie Roll song, yes this one:

Yes the vanity license plate on this rolling scrap heap is ROOAACH, and we figure that they will be burning many ROOAACH’s at Burning Man.