We clearly found a late Generation X, or more likely a Boomer driving around Metro Detroit in their Toyota Avalon, which as we are looking over our shoulders as we type this, is actually a decent car (Don’t tell our friends at the Detroit 3 we said so).

Anyway this driver clearly is either a savvy investor and paid for one entire Avalon with Microsoft profits on their stock market investments, or really only had enough to buy the shares in their Robinhood app account for free, and spent the rest on this Michigan vanity license plate.

Microsoft by investment standards is an odd duck being its one of the few true technology stocks that peaked in the dot com bust, and actually has gone on to a second life of sorts with their cloud computing assets, entertainment with Xbox, and really good Surface laptop/tablet line and is now again one of the biggest companies in the planet based on market capitalization. So there might even be some Millennials with some Microsoft cash floating around.

One thing is for sure, that all of these generations can agree on however, is that Wallstreetbets is a crazy, crazy corner of the internet.