Personalized Tesla Vanity License Plate Idea inspired by Wall Street Bets chasing PSTG stock: PSTG

We have a desirable Michigan registered Tesla Model S vanity license plate today. At first glance to the untrained eye PSTG is just some boring acronym, or maybe some initials for the couple who may own the vehicle crammed together.

However we think this is someone who may have made some money on an investment in the company Pure Storage, Inc. It happens to have the stock ticker PSTG, and around the time we actually captured this plate in the wild it ran upwards of 70% or so.

Another real possibility is that this is a company vehicle driven by someone who works for Pure Storage, and it was purchased in exchange for buying goods or services from Tesla Motors, as they have a history of favoring vendors who do this.

Granted most Tesla drivers who tend to invest in the stock market pick investing directly into Tesla Motors the Company which has been on an impossible climb higher relentlessly. As of July 2020 Tesla even managed to become the most valuable vehicle company in the planet, more than that of Toyota which regularly makes 8+ million vehicles a year compared to 400,000 or so from Tesla.

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