Eco V


This is a vanity license plate for the American electric car company that you didn’t even know existed EcoVElectric. The vehicle falls under a classification as a “city car” which allows for compromises in Federally mandated safety features such as no airbags, in a trade for capped speeds, and lowered costs to consumers.

The owner is a former engineer from General Motors who was involved in the ill fated EV1 which even spawned a documentary aptly named “Who Killed the Electric Car?” to determine well, who killed the electric car?

The vehicle isn’t for sale as much as the entire “company” is so if you shell out a few million you can have a basically one of prototype city car, and the vanity license plate assuming you keep it registered in Michigan.

We pity the fool stuck behind this car, as its top speed is rated for about 25 MPH.