Thanks to Marc for today’s vanity license plate (M)ONARCH like the butterfly. The timing is good because it’s the first week of the new year, and we know you aren’t motivated to be actually doing work stuff. So go ahead and plow through our hundreds of vanity license plate posts (we won’t tell). Or go through your pictures, and send us some of your own vanity license plate photos. We’ll get them posted.

So you saw a great vanity plate, an epic busted ride? Maybe you want to show off your own personal vanity license plate, because well you are vain, well here are the rules.

Send us a high quality picture, the work must be your own.

Let us know how you’d like to be credited, we’ll credit your name or alias, and link to your Facebook or Twitter, or other social networking profile if you wish.

Send any photo’s you wish to share to [email protected].  Gmail has a 15 mb files size limit.

You may also Tweet them to us @bustedride

We can’t promise when your photo will be posted.