Volkswagen Beetle inspired personalized vanity  license plate idea inspired by a name: BECKS

This VW Beetle driver naturally has a vanity plate, it is probably a female driver named Rebecca but goes by Becks.

It would be oh so much cooler if it was “Und Becks” for the German riff of one of Germany’s beers in a really funny scene of the movie Beer Fest. We’ve embedded the scene below, the movie is worth a watch as well.

Looking for more Volkswagen VW Bug inspired vanity license plate ideas?

For various reasons VW Beetles have been the go to vehicle to have a vanity license plate put on them, but the real king in the last decade or so has been all of the recent converts to driving Jeep’s. Jeep drivers have firmly taken the crown, and well maybe that is why Volkswagen is killing off the Beetle after 2020.

It is one of the most frequently spotted vehicles with a personalized vanity license plate.  Look no further no matter if you call them VW Bugs, slug bugs, love bugs, beetles, new beetles VW bug’s we have an immaculate collection. Often fans of Volkswagen just like some German language or German culture themed ideas, or are simply fans of German brands like Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and love vanity license plates on all of these.