Personalized Chevrolet Silverado Truck vanity license plate idea: BEE SIX

Well it’s cold outside and the best time we remember when we were six was busting out the sled putting on our outside gear and playing until we couldn’t stand it outside. Then we got the best part that warm cup of hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream. Now get back to work, but continue on with your warm coffee, or hot chocolate.

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Chevrolet Silverado drivers have for years had the second place crown to Ford’s F Series, but it hasn’t held back fans of personalized Silverado vanity license plates. The GMC Sierra is the “professional grade” version of the basic Chevrolet Silverado pick up truck, and it lends itself as a fantastic canvas for a GMC Sierra vanity license plate.

F-150 and more commonly the F-Series. It is the best selling vehicle for over 40 years it isn’t surprising to have found tons of personalized F-150 vanity license plates. Check out all personalized truck brand Vanity License Plates to get your very own ideas.