Live Tweeting Woodward Ave

Busted ride is taking a cruise down Woodward Ave tonight. More tweet tomorrow. @bustedride  Spotted a Lamborghini, and many classic muscle cars of yesterday 

UR NVUS vanity plate

Vanity Plate: UR NVUS

You are all envious sooooo envious.  I have an amazing Chevy Malibu. Granted this is more fitting on the 4 ARE E but alas a

F1nland vanity plate

Vanity Plate: F1nland

Here is your Lincoln Navigator vanity plate.  I suppose you could say because the vehicle is a Navigator in Michigan that the driver has a

Vanity Plates: GLF Hack

Just in case you missed yesterday’s vanity plate, we really really hope this guy’s missing vowel is in fact an “O”.

glf luvr vanity plate

Vanity Plates: GLF Luvr

Let’s just hope that the missing vowel in the GLF is an “O”.   Just in case you aren’t sure either but want a laugh,

zerokdz vanity plate tennesee vanity plates

Vanity Plate: ZEROKDZ

We found this compliments of Reddit.  Give all the credit to user thedinosaurhandler.  Original Post.  

4 are e (Ferrari)

Vanity Plates: 4 Are E

We think this is a Phonetic spelling of Ferarri, but it may also have a double meaning as in this Ferrari is for E like