Caddy Vanity License Plates

Great pictures of Caddy, or if you want to be an adult Cadillac’s with Vanity License Plates because what Cadillac isn’t deserving of a good vanity license plate? We have found vanity license plates on Caddy Escalade vanity license plates, Caddy CTS vanity license plates, so come check out the pictures. Guess what if you are formal we even have Cadillac vanity license plates.

CBLS313 - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


CBLES313 we figure is a name likely Cable, and well for those of out not from Detroit, 313 is the infamous phone area code.

MS CL5Y - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


We present to you Ms. CL5Y, well that is Ms. Classy to you. We’ve found at least one other “classy vanity license plate.

Jus4me1 - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


Looks like we found someone bad at sharing. If this driver has children, then hopefully they understand that any form of inheritance is probably going…Read more

FRE5H - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


Today we have a Fre5h new vanity license plate to show off. This is a Cadillac driver who is also a University of Michigan fan.

Lady Ka - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride

Lady Ka

We found a Lady Ka, vanity license plate. We think it’s like a pun on the Boston Accent, where car sounds like Ka.