Gospel - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


So again we have another faith based vanity plate, and this driver was not unique enough to have Gospel, and Gospel1, Gospel2 but the 3rd iteration…Read more

Busted F-150 - Busted by Busted Ride

Busted F-150

This is another example of a well used Ford F-150 work truck.  It has what appears to be at body panels from at least 3…Read more

Busted Ride GMC Jimmy - Busted by Busted Ride

Busted Ride GMC Jimmy

Here is a repaired busted old GMC Jimmy. Someone replaced the passenger door, and didn’t bother so much with painting, or repairing the quarter panel.

GMC Envoy - Busted by Busted Ride

GMC Envoy

Here is a busted GMC Envoy that is likely “finished” it has a replaced door from a salvaged car, and a few aftermarket black primed…Read more

Jeep Patriot - Busted by Busted Ride

Jeep Patriot

This 2007ish vintage Jeep Patriot is well used.  Sporting bald looking tires, and a very busted bumper cover she’s still running.  Yea, it’s a Jeep…Read more

Got Hog - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride

Got Hog

Most likely this guy enjoys riding his Harley Davidson, but there is a chance he likes some pork chops from time to time.

GO - Vanity License Plate by Busted Ride


It is time to go get a fancy vanity license plate, especially if you drive a Jeep. It turns out the easiest accessory to purchase…Read more