Personalized Lincoln vanity license plate idea inspired by cat noises: MEOW

How better of way to show the world you are cat lover than with the personalized Illinois vanity plate MEOW which of course is the sound a cat makes.

The sound “meow” is an onomatopoeic representation of the vocalization made by domestic cats. Onomatopoeia refers to words or sounds that mimic or imitate the actual sound they represent. In the case of “meow,” it is an attempt to recreate the unique vocalization of cats.

Cats use meowing as a form of communication, primarily directed towards humans. They may meow to get attention, express various needs or desires, or communicate their emotions. The specific sound of a meow can vary between cats, with different tones, pitches, and lengths, each conveying a slightly different message.

The origin of the word “meow” itself is attributed to the English language. It is believed to have emerged as a representation of the sound cats make and has been widely adopted as the standard onomatopoeic term for the vocalization of cats in English-speaking countries.

It’s important to note that meowing is not a universal vocalization among all cats, as it can vary across different breeds and individual cats. Some cats may produce other sounds, such as purring, hissing, chirping, or growling, to communicate different messages or express their emotions.

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