Personalized Toyota Prius vanity license plate idea: GOFA IG

We have a few theories as to what this personalized California vanity plate GOFA IG might mean. It could be “Go for it, I’m game.” This interpretation suggests a sense of enthusiasm or willingness to participate in something.

Or old school “Go for”, and I G being Instagram.

A gofer, short for “go-for,” is someone who performs a variety of tasks and errands on behalf of someone else. Gofer is typically an entry-level or assistant position, and the tasks assigned to a gofer can vary widely depending on the needs of the person they are working for. Some common tasks that a gofer might be asked to perform include:

  1. Running errands: This could include tasks such as picking up lunch, dropping off dry cleaning, or going to the post office.
  2. Performing administrative tasks: This could include tasks such as answering phones, making copies, or organizing files.
  3. Assisting with events: This could include tasks such as setting up tables and chairs, handing out flyers, or helping to manage the guest list.
  4. Providing general support: This could include tasks such as carrying equipment, setting up displays, or helping with basic tasks around the office.

In many cases, the tasks assigned to a gofer are mundane or unglamorous, but they are essential to the smooth operation of the organization or event they are working for. A gofer may work for an individual or for a larger organization, such as a film production company or a political campaign.

In this case it’s pretty clear that this Toyota Prius is some sort of a taxi cab. So it’s driver is probably just a basic gofer picking up and dropping off people to specific destinations.

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