Personalized Chevrolet Corvette C8 Vanity License Plate Idea inspired by a company name: DEWESFT

We spotted this Chevrolet C8 Corvette at a trade show, and it has a personalized Ohio vanity plate of DEWESFT, which we know translates to Dewesoft, which is the company name of a software company in the testing and measurement world for vehicle dynamics and testing. Their products are used for taking vehicle diagnostics on the OEM engineering side of things like sound, vibration, CAN-Bus data, pressure measurements, you name it, they probably have a software package for it.

As you can see, apparently that company is doing good enough to have secured a new C8 in a corporate color scheme of orange, when many Corvette drivers are paying well above sticker price and the wait list to even be able to purchase of these is 3 years. General Motors is selling every one of these that they can build.

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