Personalized Chevrolet Impala vanity license plate idea inspired by a mom: UND MOM

We have found that many of the very best ideas for personalized vanity license plates are expanding your dictionary to other languages. This is one of the first German vanity license plates we spotted on our travels. Und is essentially and in English. So this driver is pointing out “And Mom?” Well And Mom, you can drive a Chevrolet. Check out some of the top foreign language vanity license plate ideas here.

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The use of a foreign language is a very clever work around to get the vanity plate you want. Check out the collection we’ve put together here. Porsche drivers in particular are very big fans of using German to get their best clever vanity plate ideas.

Seems like there are a lot of plates out there for moms; view all of our other personalized Mom Vanity License Plates to get your very own ideas. Guess what we haven’t forgotten about all of the dad’s and fathers who love vanity plates, and where would we all be without grand parents that love personalized vanity license plates?